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This package helps to handle error codes returned after a funktion call.

Usually a funktion returns just a state of its execution, whether it succeeded or failed. To retrieve the kind of the error in the case the execution failed many libraries provide a special funktion like getLastError(), and an other funktion to provide a human readable description of the error. If a lot of libraries are used you have to call the the "right" error handling funktion. Even harder is to provide error codes for modules, that are loaded dynamicly at runtime in an unified way and to ensure the modules are not using the same error code for different error cases.

The iError package helps to generate error codes in a unified way for different libraries without interferring, even by using independend libraries. Each error code may be provided with a human readable description and may be paramentrizied with the special parameters of the error case.

See usage page for more datails.

You can download the iError package at the iError SourceForge Project Site

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